Sharing Information With Employees


For any company to grow, it is required that its employees are equally (or say, positively) contributing to the growth of the company as much as the management or the decision makers does.

And, for this positive contribution, an effective communication of ideas, knowledge and future goals of the company is necessary to its employees.

If you are a decision maker and sometimes think that this information is somewhat my employees or subordinates would not be able to handle or this is too early for them to know this… Then, you are wrong and might be creating a sense of ignorance and insecurity among your employees.

This is natural, as when you are silent and not communicating proactively, people will start making their own assumptions (negative) and you may lose their trust.

Sharing information with employees make them work more effectively and they always know ‘why-they-are-here’ and ‘what-is-it-in’ for them.

So better start communicating with your employees, honestly.

– Mansab Uppal

Posted on October 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

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