Important things to check before buying new technology

New Technologies

We have a general tendency to fall for any new thing in the market. We are easily convinced that this is really something we need and will help us improve our routine. So, here are few things you should check before diving into something *NEW*

Look for ‘how will it improve’, rather than ‘how improved it is’While buying new technology, you should better reconsider your requirements and check if you really need it? Don’t just be a manager and tell your staff to implement what you have recently purchased.Instead, ask them, if something is required to improve the ongoing work culture. In other words, look for your own negatives, rather than counting positives of something new and implement it straight away.

Don’t just buy for the sake of it is new

This is obvious as one should trial run or research a bit about the background, related features and market value of a new product. For instance, if you are productive using existing software, just learn its features better rather than buying something completely new and then learn to use it.

Don’t spend too much time and resources

We all know that change is inevitable and we keeping looking for what is best. But, spending too much time and capital on a new thing is definitely not going to help you out. If it is taking more than 20% of your resources for research & development, then you are not improving your business but slowing down its normal growth. As, your team is not doing of what it should be doing otherwise. So, spend time wisely – to be more productive and get the most out of it.


Posted on December 12, 2013 in Corporate, Technology

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