I think there’s a UFO in my picture

While I was walking down this beautifully decorated street in Berlin, I decided to take some pictures. One of the pictures had some strange lights/objects at the top (the usual ‘flying saucer’ thing) and I was talking to one of my friends that it is a UFO.

We thought it was a freaky but only before the time we read an article published by NDTV.

The news article states that a “Jet in ‘near miss’ with UFO close to Heathrow” and the place where this incident was reported is only 2 hours away from where I took the photograph. Now, the most interesting thing is that the news article was also published the same day I took the photograph on, i.e, 5th-Jan-2014.

I know, there does not exist a firm ground over which one can say that something like this even exists, but it is certainly a new experience for me!

The News article can be found HERE

And, here is the picture that I took:


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