How to get dressed for an interview?

Many people find themselves helpless while getting dressed for an interview. So, here’s a quick tip for them:


  • Don’t go for new clothes: Honestly, an interviewer will never fall for your clothes. What exactly the other person is looking for, is how good you are at carrying yourself. So, choose those regular (which you wear often, but should be formal) clothes in which you feel yourself comfortable and that will help you to be more presentable.
  • Avoid accessories: Wearing a shiny bracelet or a bulky wrist watch is not going to help you out. As usually, we are into the habit of adjusting (revolving, twisting, loosing and tightening) these things very often. Which could be a reason for your as-well as interviewer’s distraction.
  • Look neat: Visit a saloon a day before your interview, this will really help you to spend some time on your face, hair and nails. A neat face with clean nails and well managed hair, definitely leaves a positive impression.
  •  No Backpacks : You are no more at your college. So, leave that backpack behind. Carry your stuff in either a hand case or a folder.
  •  Don’t forget a pen: Keep a pen handy, either in your pocket or in your case.

Posted on November 2, 2013 in Corporate

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