Getting a perfect picture

There is a born photographer in everyone. Yes photography ! you heard that right. Please don’t get overwhelmed with this disclosure, I mean taking pictures of your own !

The moment we get a chance, we click !

A beautiful smile wrinkling the nose and pearly white teeth, peeping out from lips (This was for all the beautiful girls and their moms !)

Now, the times I believe, we click !

a) Having our friends around, we click.

b) A hangout ! we click.

c) Got our family together, we click.

d) Most of the clicks, when alone ! ( Making faces to get that perfect picture ” I might be having around 60 to 70 of those in my phone” )

I don’t think I will be explaining how to get that perfect picture, coz I never had that “SLR Polaroid” worth 2 lacs !

Rather, I will be sharing what makes a picture perfect.

Have you ever wondered, the moment we face a camera, we just forget everything !

We are actually enjoying that moment or better say, living that moment.

We put together all the good things right here on our face :  ) Which makes that moment memorable.

And, that is what makes, a “Perfect Picture” !

Mansab Uppal

Posted on February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

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