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Important things to check before buying new technology

While buying new technology, you should better reconsider your requirements and check if you really need it? Don’t just be a manager and tell your staff to implement what you have recently purchased.Instead, ask them, if something is required to improve the ongoing work culture. In other words, look for your own negatives, rather than…

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Google is building a Chrome app-based development environment called Spark

The new app was first noted by developer and Google open-source Chromium evangelist François Beaufort. Here are his observations for the new IDE project: It is built with Dart, the “new language for scale-able web app engineering”. It contains a GUI widgets library powered by Polymer It’s public on GitHub and therefore interesting for anyone who wants to know…

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10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Stephen Hawking

Even if you don’t keep a close eye on new developments in physics, you’ve probably heard of the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. He’s prided himself on making his complex physical concepts accessible to the public and writing the bestseller, “A Brief History of Time.” And if you are a fan of Conan O’Brien, “The Simpsons”…

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A quick and amazing way to review/edit, CSS, HTML and JavaScript, right there in your browser. @Who are not using it yet, give it a try: CodePen

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