10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Employees

If you are an employee (just like, I am). You must read this article HERE by JEFF HADEN to find out what exactly you need from your boss, or better say, your company!


Now this is somewhat crazy…and creative too! You can get more at:

The innovation of lonliness

Social networking or a deep loneliness? All about living virtual lives and demanding more from technology rather than real people… Courtesy – Shimi Cohen

For all those NBA lovers

@NBA 2013 season, best moments!

YouTube Space LA

YouTube Space LA, a 41000 sq ft land space to facilitate people to shoot some interesting (awesome) videos using production and editing equipment provided by the YouTube Space LA itself.

Configuring Ipsec/L2TP VPN on CentOS 6

A Chat To Remember

A first glance of this post might make you relate the content with the lovers certified movie ‘A walk to remember’, but there is nothing to do with that. This is about a ‘not so common’ chat I had with one of my friend. It started with an ‘wassup’ and ended with a ‘Get lost’.…

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An hour at a service station

This is the second free service of my car and after getting the job card for my car processed, I am asked to wait for an hour at the customer lounge. I really hate to wait in such cases, when you don’t have any other choice, except waiting for your car, delivered. So, I stepped…

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Getting a perfect picture

There is a born photographer in everyone. Yes photography ! you heard that right. Please don’t get overwhelmed with this disclosure, I mean taking pictures of your own ! The moment we get a chance, we click ! A beautiful smile wrinkling the nose and pearly white teeth, peeping out from lips (This was for…

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It takes a lot !

I was sitting next to an old man at a book store (he was reading a news paper). Suddenly, I heard ‘It takes a lot’. Actually, the old man was trying to get up ! (hope you now get that, who said ‘it takes a lot’ and why). I quickly grabbed his hand and helped…

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