An hour at a service station

This is the second free service of my car and after getting the job card for my car processed, I am asked to wait for an hour at the customer lounge.

I really hate to wait in such cases, when you don’t have any other choice, except waiting for your car, delivered.

So, I stepped inside the customer lounge, and against my expectations the room temperature is quite pleasant, thankfully the air conditioners are working properly.

I grabbed a seat in the third row on a sofa chair, where I can have a clear view of the servicing bay from the window to my left.

A 32″ LED T.V, is switched over to showcase an old south Indian action movie and believe me, this movie is hard core Indian action movie, stuffed with lots of camera tricks and exceptional story !

People in the front row got their eyes stick to the television and feel like company has installed this television only for them.

Here comes an advertisement, a pretty cool add it is, the moment I got indulged into the add, a freakster appeared from the back row and started surfing the channels, dude get your hands off that remote !

But, I would rather thank that brainless chimp to draw my attention out of that stupid box.

Peeping out from the window I am now looking for my car to appear in the servicing bay.But, no luck, it might be still in the washing area.

It is almost an hour waiting here in the lounge, and wow ! here comes my car. I am quite impressed with the wash and hope to get it serviced soon.

As, it is a second consecutive service after the purchase, so I think it won’t be taking long, probably a general check up.

So, according to the tittle of this post, I should stop hitting the thumbs over my windows phone’s keyboard, as it is an hour already passed out !

But, I must say, writing a blog post in such circumstances is the best way to utilize your time and resources.

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