A Chat To Remember

A first glance of this post might make you relate the content with the lovers certified movie ‘A walk to remember’, but there is nothing to do with that.

This is about a ‘not so common’ chat I had with one of my friend.

It started with an ‘wassup’ and ended with a ‘Get lost’.

so she said “wassup”; I responded: nothin’ much, working over my laptop…;

with a sarcastic tone she replied: ooww wow, u work a lot…; nah, not really, just browsing the internet (that is me);

okay…uumm what r u browsing over the internet; looking for search results for my name on Google (lol, well I didn’t replied this, It was the first thing that came into my mind),

so here goes my reply: looking for some software to fulfill certain computing needs; (but I did search my name over google, after this reply);

she said: what sort of software it is ?; Me: It is related with data servers;

another sarcasm loaded reply: ooh woow, that is awsm; (Now let me ask, do you even know what a data server is ?)

Another reply comes in: so, what do you like to do in your free time ?; Me: Well, I am sort of free at the moment, so u can say browsing internet !;

Unbelievable reply: you are also chatting, so I can say u chat when you are free, lol..;

(oh god save me, can’t bear anymore)…

Me: can I browse internet ?;

A much obvious reply: Get lost !

Me: yes sure, thank you !

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